“No Scientist is an Island”

We are witnessing an explosion in modern molecular biology techniques and methods, which now requires scientists to work in teams to share their knowledge and expertise, with a common goal of moving the science forward. Our laboratory is fortunate, and thankful, to have so many phenomenal collaborators who have joined us in our efforts.

Selected collaborators are featured below.

Alex Vortmeyer, MD/PhD

Alex is our neuropathology collaborator, and he is essential for our studies on radiation response patterns in high grade glioma.

Guilin Wang, PhD

Guilin is vital to our Affymetrix and Illumina microarray studies, and he is the master of the elusive Pacific Biosciences next-generation sequencing platform. We often send Gulin samples stating that “we need this yesterday”, but thankfully he continues to collaborate with us.

Hongyu Zhao, PhD

Hongyu is our primary bioinformatics collaborator, and he helps us sift through microarray data from glioma and lymphoma formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) specimens, in search of signatures that predict therapy response.

Joachim Yahalom, MD

Joachim (aka “Achy”) has been one of my long time clinical and translational research mentors, who I first met during my residency at MSKCC. We collaborate together on several projects related to the dissection of molecular signatures that predict radiation response patterns in lymphoma.

Nicholas Carriero, PhD

Nick (aka NJC) is our computer science collaborator. He speaks in a (computer) language that we do not understand currently, but clearly he is a brilliant researcher. He works with us to devise novel methods to characterize the patterns of insertions, deletions, and micro-homology usage at DNA double-strand breaks.

Yulia Surovtseva, PhD

Yulia is our drug and siRNA screening lead researcher at the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery. We also call her “The microplate whisperer”.

J. Fraser Glickman, MSPH/PHD

Fraser and I have been drug screening together for several years. He runs the Rockefeller University drug screening center, and together we like to challenge the current paradigms for high-throughput drug screening.

Robert Jenkins, MD/PhD

The Jenkins lab is collaborating with us to create novel cell line models to study oligodendroglioma and astrocytoma. Dr. Jenkins wants to know how they form, and we want to learn how to eradicate them; and thus it is a perfect match.

Samuel Katz, MD/PhD

Sam’s lab and my group are working together to identify molecular signatures which predict relapse in various Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas.

Janie Merkel, PhD

Janie runs the biology division at the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery (YCMD), where we perform most of our high-throughput siRNA and small molecule screens.

Michelle Monje-Deisseroth, MD/PhD

Michelle has been extraordinary gracious to provide us with primary DIPG cells (like the ones on our main web site page) for our screening efforts to identify novel radiosensitizers. We will work together to develop novel therapeutics for this devastating disease.

Aru Narendran MD, PhD

Aru and I are trying to come up with new ways to kill pediatric Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumors (ATRTs). He is an expert in growing them, and we have novel screening techniques to find ATRT radiosensitizers.

Jiangbing Zhou, PhD

Jiangbing Zhou and I work together trying to model the radiation response patterns of adult and pediatric brain tumors, grown as intracranial xenografts. While I primarily see humans in the clinic, JZ is particularly good with mice (he has a phenomenal cage-side manner).